It’s a digital system that tracks what inventory and resources are used within theatres and allocates the usage of consumables and prosthetics to specific patient surgical cases. The solution creates transparency across multiple hospital sites for all departments including surgical staff. Control of preference cards for editing and substitution is easily managed for improved cost management. For patient recordkeeping obligations, which can be tedious or inefficient, the ability to do rigorous, data-rich cost reporting for the surgical care is built within the reporting module.


Key benefits include:
Document surgeon preferences for instruments, implants, consumables, universals, basics and supplies, ensuring that their unique requirements are met for every surgery.

Hospital theatres solution

A closed-loop charge capture module for procedure based costings that helps reduce inventory usage and improve revenue, with realtime reporting. With the module, clinical events are automatically recorded for discrete cases for where items are picked as per the surgeons preference care which are billed to the patient as a chargeable items. Once a patient case ID is selected, the system collects all the device details (Lot, Batch, Serial No) item’s charged to the correct patient case ID. Additionally, you can reconcile supply of all patient case / procedure transactions to see what’s been charged to a patient.

Savings –  An estimated 19% drop in costs for procedures after standardizing surgery preference cards


  • Intelligent scanning that identifies product information from a database of over 1.5 million devices and consumables, saving time and eliminating human error for hospital administrators.
  • Hands-free, intelligent scanning capturing 100% of devices and consumables used, along with theatre location, duration, and surgeon information. Electronic charge sheets and purchase orders are generated automatically.
  • Pre-populated preference cards, customisable for case type or surgeon, enhancing efficiency and providing an immediate view of the true cost of surgery.
  • Pentalym Charge also extends its functionality to non-billable items like swabs, syringes, and sutures, allowing hospitals to analyse data for new efficiencies in consumables and gain visibility into usage by theatre or surgeon.

Experience the future of device charging and tracking with Pentalym’s Charge – where efficiency meets innovation.

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